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Fonts clàssiques sobre els orígens dels Jocs Olímpics
Pere Villalba

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Religiosity as a main element in the ancient Olympic Games
G. Papantoniou

The purpose of this essay is to explore the factors which linked the ancient Olympic Games with the religious feelings and practices of ancient Greek society. From their origins in prehistoric times the...

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Whence 776? The origin of the date for the first olympiad
Paul Christesen

This essay explores the origin of the date of 776 BC for the first Olympiad. That date was established by Hippias of Elis c.400 BC when he compiled the first complete list of Olympic victors. Contrary...

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The meaning of names in greek antiquity, with special reference to Olympic athletes
Thomas B. Yiannakis; Sylvia T. Yiannaki

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Olympic factsheet #1 : the Ancient Olympics
British Olympic Association (BOA)

Learning material about the Ancient Olympic Games created by the British Olympic Association (BOA), for those who need to make a first approachment to this theme for research or study. The material...

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Decline of the Olympic Games
Yves-Pierre Boulongne

Paper given in the Thirtieth Session of the International Olympic Academy. Through a historical review of the Olympic Games until the present day, the author focuses the reasons for the declivity of ancient...

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State of Elis and the Sanctuary of Olympia
Nikolaos Yalouris

Paper given at the Tenth Session of the International Olympic Academy. According to the speaker, the comprehensive research regarding the sacred site of Olympia has overshadowed and detracted from the...

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Spirit of competition (Agon) in the Olympic Games : from the ancient to the modern world
Nigel B. Crowther

Paper given at the 8th International Symposium on Olympic Research (Ontario, 2006). In this document, describing the landmarks obtained by Ion Ioannides in the sport and the studies of the ancient Greece,...

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Ancient Olympics : proclamation, the truce, organisation, arrangement
Cleanthis Paleologos

Paper presented at the 4th Summer Session of International Olympic Academy. The text sets out the conditions, agenda and organization of the ancient Olympic Games. The founding year of the Olympic Games...

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Ellen PapakyriakouCase study, Ellen Papakyriakou, 2000 (HTML)

Document focused on Olympia, in the “Ancient Greek cities” web site with copyright of Ellen Papakyriakou, providing information on history, art and athletics, among other aspects of each one of the cities...

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Ancient Olympics
Perseus Digital Library

Learning material in the English language aimed to the exhibition of the project of the Perseus Digital Library on the ancient Olympic Games with sections dealing with the sport events, their context...

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1000 Years of the Olympic Games : treasures of Ancient Greece
Hellenic Ministry of Culture

Virtual exhibition on the ancient Olympic Games, organized by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture as a contribution to the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Throughout the ten rooms of the Powerhouse...

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Modern perspective of the ancient Olympic events
Richard Bell

Article published in The Sport Journal (vol. 4, n. 1, winter 2001). The author, in spite of the difficulty to create an analysis of the progress of the different Games beyond the typology of genders...

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Olympic truce : myth and reality
Harvey Abrams

Article published by the Classics Technology Center. The author invites the history students to unmask the modern myth of the Olympic truce perpetuated by historians, newspapers and even politicians,...

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