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Research Projects

International Database on Olympic Education Initiatives (2011)

Main researcher: Berta Cerezuela
Research team: Angelica Sha, Itxasne Sagarzazu, Emilio Fernández Peña; Ramon G. Sedó
Financed by: IOC
Period: 04/2011-03/2012

CEO-UAB will be developing in 2011 a project commissioned by the International Olympic Committee in the area of Olympic education. The project will be leaded by Berta Cerezuela and will build on the results achieved by the team in the previous projects developed from 2006 to 2008.

The project will aim to design and provide initial contents of a database on Olympic educational initiatives, and to design and develop the structure of the Internet interface of the database. The database will be aimed at those interested in implementing an Olympic educational activity, in particular school teachers. It will provide information on educational initiatives aimed at primary and secondary school students and promoted within the Olympic Movement.

If you wish to get more information on the development of the project, please contact us.


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