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Research Projects

Olympic Education Documents and Experiences (2008)

Main researcher: Berta Cerezuela
Research team: Raquel Correa; Chris Kennett; Ramon G. Sedó; Anna Laura Rezende
Financed by: IOC
Period: 04/2006-05/2008

This was an applied research project undertaken within the framework of the IOC’s Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP), which gathered and systematised information about education initiatives aimed at children and young people (aged 8 to 18) promoted by institutions connected with the Olympic Movement.

The main results of the study were: a definition of what is considered to be an Olympic values education initiative, a classification of education initiatives, a descriptive profile of initiatives and a database that includes a total of 199 sporting values education initiatives aimed at children and young people (aged 8 to 18). It provided examples of the initiatives offered by a number of different organisations forming part of the Olympic Movement: National Olympic Committees (41), Olympic Games Organising Committees (18), Olympic museums (10), institutions recognised by the IOC (2) and Olympic sponsors (5). It also provided examples of initiatives offered by five international non-governmental organisations. Regarding activity type, 28% fell within artistic and cultural activities with educational content. Multi-activity programmes accounted for 21% and academic activities accounted for 17%. The proportion of sporting activities fostered without being linked to any other type of activity was much lower, at just 3%.


MORAGAS, Miquel de; Berta CEREZUELA; Chris KENNETT; Raquel CORREA; Anna Laura REZENDE (2008): Olympic Education: experiences and documents. Bellaterra (Barcelona): Universitat Autňnoma de Barcelona, Centre d’Estudis Olímpics. Final research report submitted to the International Olympic Committee.


Cerezuela, Berta & Anna Laura Rezende (2009): “Educació en valors olímpics: actors i activitats dins del moviment olímpic”, I Congrés Mundial de l’Esport Escolar a Catalunya. Barcelona, 11-14 November 2009. [main speaker]


Rezende, Anna Laura (2008): “Reptes de la educació olímpica”, XXI Sesión de la Academia Olímpica de Portugal. Aljustrel (Portugal), 24-26 October 2008. [Round table]
Rezende, Anna Laura (2008): “Olympic education experiences: the sponsorship role in the promotion of olympic values”, 16th IOA Postgraduate Seminar on Olympic Studies. Olympia (Greece), 1-30 July 2008. [Paper]