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Research Projects

The Presence of Women's Sport on Catalan Public Service Television: TV3 and C33 as a Case Study in 2008 (2008)

Main researcher: Natividad Ramajo
Research team: Virginia Luzón; Ibonne Lallana; Anna Laura Rezende; Iliana Ferrer
Financed by: A Government of Catalonia public call for the awarding of grants to foster training activities or research projects, at university level, connected with areas falling under the Catalan Institute for Women's authority, for the period 2008-09.
Period: 02/2008-06/2009

The study was developed to take account of a need brought to the CEO-UAB’s attention by the Gender Office of the Catalan Sports Council. This was a need to find out about the quantitative and qualitative coverage and media treatment of women's sport by Catalan public service television. The main aim of the study was to ascertain the degree of visibility that women’s sport has on Catalan public service television.

The study offered an overview of the coverage given by Catalan public service television to women’s sport and compared it to the coverage given to men's sport. This study used a combination of two methodologies: an analysis of content (to identify and quantify the presence of stakeholders connected with women’s sport in the sample as a whole) and an analysis of the discourse (to examine, in depth, textual structures that convey a certain image and support it argumentatively). The study was based on a random sample of 672 hours of television gathered in two stages.


Ramajo, Natividad; Ibone Lallana del Rio (2011): “Olympism and Gender Studies” in Emilio Fernández Peña [et al.]: An Olympic Mosaic: Multidisciplinary Research and Dissemination of Olympic Studies. CEO-UAB: 20 Years. Barcelona : Centre d’Estudis Olímpics, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; Ajuntament de Barcelona, pp. 173-180. (also in Spanish and Catalan)


Ramajo, Nati & Virginia Luzón (2010): "La representación de la mujer deportista en la televisión generalista. Un caso práctico: la televisión pública catalana (TV3 y C33)", Segundas Jornadas sobre Mujeres y Medios de Comunicación, 22 and 23 April 2010. [Main speaker]