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Web Projects

Since 1996, CEO-UAB has considered the Internet to be an essential tool for developing and promoting its research and dissemination activities. As a result, the CEO-UAB has created a number of different information products in the field of Olympism and sport, for which the Internet is an indispensable medium.

CEO-UAB Olympic Studies Portal

The CEO-UAB Olympic Studies Portal developed from the consolidation of the CEO-UAB’s website created in 1996. Published in English, Catalan and Spanish, the Portal’s aim is to compile and disseminate knowledge on the Olympic phenomenon produced by the academic community around the world. In addition, the Portal offers a range of tools that facilitate exchanges of knowledge and allow scholars in sport and Olympism to be identified.

Olympic Library: A set of content resources and documentation tools offering support to anyone who needs information about any aspect of the Olympic Games. As the CEO-UAB’s educational project platform, university students and lecturers have free access to materials on Olympic studies themes.

Olympic Studies Net: A directory of university scholars and university research centres specialising in Olympic studies, and an Olympic Games archive.

News Service: Academic calendar, new publications and a newsletter.

Catalan Sports Observatory

The Catalan Sports Observatory is an initiative of the Secretariat for Sports of the Government of Catalonia. The National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia (INEFC) is responsible for running it in collaboration with the CEO-UAB and other sport-related institutions in Catalonia

The Observatory is an instrument aimed at stakeholders in the field of sport in Catalonia. It offers them the information they need to accurately monitor the evolution of the sporting phenomenon and, on the basis of this information, to take decisions within their particular fields.

A collaboration agreement between the INEFC and the CEO-UAB has been in force since 2006, which is renewable annually. By way of this agreement, the CEO-UAB is responsible for designing and maintaining the Observatory’s website.